MOVE enables remote participation in clinical trials via advanced technologies & services to move your studies in the right direction. 


Why remote participation?

Today's clinical trials face many challenges, including the need for efficient recruitment, effective retention, strict protocol compliance, and collection of high-quality data.  


By empowering patients with the ability to remotely participate in clinical trials, we can build more cost-effective studies to help bring treatments to market faster. 


Here are just a few features of our comprehensive platform


Highly configurable web apps to meet the needs of your study 

AI Virtual Assistant-guided patient experience

Standardized or customized digital tasks/apps

Secure communications (Messaging, Live Chat, Video Calls) 


Data Visualization & Analytics 

Our end-to-end solution spans from patient-friendly, interactive user interfaces to powerful study management tools.  


Online Patient Recruitment

Web-based Eligibility Screening

Remote eConsent

Our unique MOVE technology has been specifically designed to power remote patient participation in clinical trials.

What we can do...


Who we are...

The MOVE Platform is much more than just technology. We have built a team of experts to facilitate remote trial participation. We can work with you on any aspect of your study where remote participation can be advantageous. From complete centralized, remote study management to specific, à la carte services, we provide flexible solutions.

As a division of Biospective, our roots stem from providing leading solutions for CNS studies. At MOVE, we have developed a first-in-kind suite of digital tools for the remote assessment of cognitive, behavioral, motor, and vocal function.​

Virtual Electronic Clinical Outcome Assessments

(eCOA, ePRO, ClinRO, PerfO)

Telehealth-based Psychological,

Cognitive, & Neurological Assessments

High-frequency Digital Data Collection


Patient Experience & Concierge Services

Proud to be a partner in  

#wmnHealth® is a collaboration between MOVE and Dynamicly to expand the conversation about women’s mental & neurological health, and to address the unmet need for gender-sensitive tools, tests, and treatments through a “by us, for us” approach.



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