MOVE facilitates all aspects of remote study participation leveraging the unique combination of our expert team and our AI-based technology platform. 

Online Patient Recruitment 

Our team builds data-driven, targeted, 

multichannel recruitment campaigns to identify potential study participants. 

Interested participants simply go to the customized study website to learn more about the study. 

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The MOVE Platform

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Web-based Eligibility Screening 

Prospective study participants simply access our interactive, web-based application (nothing to download). Our patient-friendly, AI virtual assistant then walks them step-by-step through the eligibility (pre)screening process.


We configure the web app with your study-specific inclusion/exclusion criteria. The application then automatically determines eligibility. This approach dramatically decreases the number of potential subjects that would need to be screened by the clinical team, thereby creating efficiency (faster recruitment, reduced cost).  


Remote eConsent

Participants and study team members are able to meet via video call, and review/sign the electronic Informed Consent Form directly in the web app.


Our process meets privacy and 21 CFR Part 11 electronic signature requirements. 

Interested participants simply go to the customized study website to learn more about the study. 


Virtual Electronic Clinical Outcome Assessments

(eCOA, ePRO, ClinRO, PerfO)

We can easily configure any electronic clinical outcome assessment that your study requires. These assessments can be guided by our AI virtual assistant or conducted by a clinical assessor. 

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Telehealth-based Psychological, Cognitive, & Neurological Assessments 

Building on our long-standing track-record in CNS clinical trials, we have developed a unique "TeleResearch" platform for remote cognitive, psychological, and neurological assessments. 


From pre-built/standardized to customized protocols, we can facilitate remote assessments and help minimize the number of clinic visits.



Digital Data


We have developed a suite of patient-centric, digital tools for high-frequency assessments of cognitive, behavioral, motor, and vocal function. 

We can also build customized assessments to meet your study’s needs.

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Patient Experience & Concierge Services

The patient is at the center of all our efforts. From providing participants with an AI virtual assistant to guide them (24/7/365) through every part of the study to connecting participants with Study Team support via messages, chats, and video calls, we ensure that continual support is provided.

But, we can also go multiple steps beyond that. From providing up-to-date study resources & information to coordinating webinars with experts in the field, we continually engage with study participants to provide a caring experience. 


Privacy by Design &

Security by Design

Our technologies and services incorporate the principles of "Privacy by Design" and "Security by Design" to ensure compliance with industry-standards and regulations, including GCP, 21 CFR Part 11, HIPAA, PIPEDA, and GDPR.